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* JETTA / AXEL 2017

When looking for a suitable mate for Jetta this year, it was an incredibly tall order to beat the success that we have had in the pups from her pairings with Rocky and with Lomax (see previous litters link). But since this will be Jetta's last litter so we wanted to make it something special so have decided to use our homegrown "Axel" from the Gillian/Lomax litter of 2015.

Jetta has grown into a beautiful, big, athletic girl that is phased by nothing. She has proven herself as an outstanding dam and has passed on her great size, good hips and fantastic disposition to her progeny. Axel is an outstanding compliment to Jetta with an amazing head, strong hips, and confident, outgoing disposition. His heavy bone paired with Jettas bone and size is going to be a recipe for some enormous head turners! Axel is also DM clear as well as holter clear and brings with him a package of strong genetic health.

* The Jetta-Axel Puppies have arrived!  In typical Jetta fashion, she began whelping at 2 AM on March 22/2017 (because why would you make it easy and whelp during the light of day?) and by noon, nine beautiful dark pups had entered the world.  We at Guardian Kennels are pleased to welcome the five boys and four girls that make up this litter.  All currently appear to be dark duals (but it is a bit hard to tell for sure) and mama and the pups are doing well.  We expect these pups to have the easy going temperaments of both of their parents and the confidence to take on the world!  This litter is currently all spoken for.

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Jetta AXEL

* ECHO / ASLAN 2017

After seeing the pups that came from this pairing last year, we decided that it was just one of those “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” scenarios.  The pups that were produced from this pairing were everything that we were looking for - confident pups with great bone and structure and easily trained…. not to mention stunning.  If anyone has seen pictures of Miss Georgia or the famous Atticus, there would be no question why this breeding was repeated! 

We are expecting all plush pups in various shades of sable.  Breeding is upcoming shortly so predicted date for pups is beginning of June.  These pups will be whelped and raised in Marshfield, WI. 

* You can view last year’s pups here and follow this years litter here

Echo Aslan


All I can say about the pups from this pairing is that they are going to have character!  If anyone had followed Miss Indiana through the Timbaland Shilohs page knows what a great sense of humour this girl has. 

Along with her stunning beauty, she has that glint of mischief in her eye and a genuine love for the world.  Axel’s incredibly easy going temperament will just add to this confidence and zest for life.  We are expecting all plush pups in various shades of sable with the possibility of some duals.  After seeing the pups from our current litter out of Indy’s dam with Axel, we are really looking forward to seeing what Axel will produce with Indy. 

These pups will be whelped and raised at Timbaland Shilohs in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.  Breeding expected in late May. 

* Follow this litter here

Indiana AXEL

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