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LaraLara is our solid white girl from the Jolie/Spartan 2019 pairing.  She has grown into a huge solid girl with a flash of character.  She loves spending time with her people and chasing balls.  Lara brings OFA excellent hips, strong structure and excellent size to the table in this pairing. 

Valla is a product of our Piper/Django 2022 pairing.  With his silky solid black coat and outgoing personality, he bears a striking resemblance to his sire.  Valla is a happy guy and loves to romp with his buddies at the dog park.  

We are expecting all plush pups in various shades of duals and sables from this pairing (most likely brown/golden tones).  No solid whites or solid blacks expected.  Temperaments will likely range from more laid back to a few with a little bit more “get up and go”.


This litter will be whelped and raised in Calgary Alberta, Canada and all pups will be placed and guaranteed through Guardian Kennels. Limited availability on this litter.  Breeding expected Feb/March 2024.

Please follow the Lara/Valla litter at: 
TarotTarot is our fun girl from Guardian Kennels’ 2020 Eleiko/Django pairing, living on Vancouver Island, B.C. where she currently competes in disc competitions and is training in scent work.  She has a fun loving and exuberant personality, which makes her a joy to train and compete with. She is a gorgeous black and silver dual with a solid yet athletic structure and striking markings. She has a wonderful expression that fits her outgoing personality, a nice length of body, straight top line, and smooth, collected movement. 

Arkan is a beautiful grey sable boy out of the Echo Shilohs breeding program and represents an opportunity to bring some unique genetics to our breeding program.  His athletic ability and outgoing personality will make him a great match for Tarot.

We loved what we got with our Eleiko-Arkan pairing last spring so we are really excited to see what he produces with Eleiko’s daughter.

We expect very confident, athletic, outgoing pups with size and substance. All plush coats in various shades and colours of sable and dual are expected.

ArkanThis litter will be whelped and raised by Pacific Wild Kennels in Victoria, BC, Canada and all pups will be placed and guaranteed through Guardian Kennels. Pups have arrived!  Limited availability on this litter.

Please follow the Tarot-Arkan litter at:


LaylaLayla (top right photo) is our girl out of the 2021 Guardian Matsu-Chester pairing and is co-owned with Mainzer Shilohs in Oklahoma. Layla is the reason that we chose to repeat this pairing this year as we are hoping for a carbon copy of this beautiful girl! She brings to the table exceptional hips, incredibly correct structure and some of our old lines that we would love to preserve and move forward.

LoganLogan needs very little introduction as he is a show stopper with his flowing auburn coat and commanding presence. Logan has yet to meet a person or dog that he does not already consider a friend. HIs wide body, great bone structure and beautiful wide head should produce some traffic stoppers!

This litter will be raised in Oklahoma at Mainzer Shilohs and all pups will be placed and guaranteed through Guardian Kennels. Breeding expected Feb 2024.  We are expecting all plush pups in various shades of dual and sable.

Please follow the Layla-Logan litter at:

NOTE:  All of the pups from the above litters will be required to complete our health testing (24 hour holter, OFA or PennHip hip/elbow x-rays).  Since I generally request that pets not be altered (neutered or spayed) prior to 18-24 months for the health of the dog, I may opt to collect semen for shipping or freezing on some of the males in order to further preserve these lines.  Preference to breeding homes (or homes that are willing to leave a dog intact or whelp a co-owned litter) in order to move these genetics forward will be given priority.

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