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Guardian Kennels - ISSR Shiloh Shepherds (Brooks, Alberta Canada)

ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Pups - Guardian Kennels - Brooks, ABDeep in the heart of irrigation country, northeast of Brooks, Alberta lies the home of ISSR Guardian Kennels. Located on a working farm and ranch where our dogs can stretch their legs and run to their heart’s content, it is the perfect place for raising these incredible dogs.

In our quest to find a dog with stature, presence, intelligence and a wonderful stable temperament that could fit the role of farm guardian as well as cherished family pet, we found the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd. These dogs have great conformation with strong hips and nice level backs. They are confident and love being with “their” people (and make no mistake, we belong to THEM!!) They are great with kids - our kids have grown up with these dogs - and I have never had to think twice about the kids and their friends (and sometimes there are lots of them) being out with the dogs. Guardian Kennels ISSR Shiloh ShepherdsThey are imposing figures by merit of their sheer size and will make even the most courageous think twice before stepping into their territory. We have owned and bred these “gentle giants” since 2000 and have been proud to consistently produce outstanding pups in order to share these amazing creatures with others.

Committed to preserving the original Shiloh Shepherd  according to our ISSR Breed Standard, our Shilohs are exclusively registered with the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry which upholds the highest standards set by the Breed Founder, Tina Barber – strong hips, stable temperaments, intelligence and size. Each of our pairings is done in consultation with and must be approved of by the Breed Founder as well.

Our dogs are country-raised and family-loved. We welcome you to contact us and come and meet our 'family' - both the two legged and four legged versions - to experience what a true Shiloh Shepherd is all about! NEW PUPPIES COMING IN 2016!
* Breed Standard used with permission of the author, Tina Barber

Guardian Kennels
Vanessa Dutton
Box 1719 Brooks, AB T1R 1C5
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